The Perfect Plan to 
Optimize your health & BUILD ELITE habits
in only 60 days, without giving up all your favorite foods or spending hours at the gym each day
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What You're Going To Experience Inside This Free 60 Day Program...
  • A Proven Step-by-Step Framework that has helped hundreds of dads just like you achieve optimal health and elite confidence. 
  • 4 Pillars to Optimize Your Health by focusing on sleep, stress management, nutrition and fitness - we show you exactly how to fix each area.
  • 5 Simple Rules to keep you on track each day, so you can develop new daily success habits and long-term discipline. 
  • ​Your Daily Non-Negotiable Priorities that allow you to perform powerfully and effectively each day while having plenty of time for family and fun! 
  • The GBR Method that will allow you to start your day off with focus, clarity and a new perspective on life. 
  • Simple Nutrition Strategy that will help you gain control over your eating habits and allow you to boost your energy levels naturally. 
  • ​Recommended Weekly Workout Structure that will allow you to reach your health and physique goals in the most efficient way possible. 
Who We Are 
Zach Smith and Jason Priest are two Fathers who are passionate about helping other fathers become the most elite version of themselves. 

They were both 60 pounds overweight at one point and have developed and implemented these exact strategies to get in the best shape of their lives through health optimization and mental toughness. 

Now, they have dedicated their lives to helping more fathers get healthy and fit so that they can fulfill their potential as men and be the leaders they were truly meant to be.
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